This is What I'm Talking About!

It’s kind of awesome that Joystiq proved me right within a few days of my last post.

Justin McElroy writes about How to Fix the VGAs, and what’s first on the list?

Stop objectifying women: They may not be half of the Spike audience (or even half of video game fans) but they are half of the planet, and it would probably be smart to stop alienating them. Not having topless girls present awards was a great first step, but next time, let’s try it without the models coated in enough silver paint to give Buddy Ebsen a seizure.

We don’t, fundamentally, have a problem with attractive female presenters (though finding ones with a connection to the industry isn’t as hard as you’d think), but would it be too much to ask to give them pants? We don’t think so.

Hell yeah. The clincher? Inane comments like “Only dudes who hate objectification are gay or out to impress women” are voted down to practically invisible, with many a rebuttal, including comments from the staff. GG, y’all.

I don’t expect a feminist crusade from these guys or anything (leave that to me! /grin), but when something like the VGAs is current, relevant, and blatantly obvious, it’s really nice to see someone on a major gaming site calling them out on it.

Unfortunately, Kotaku also recently proved my point about them when some editor decided that, on a post about Mirror’s Edge (that I will not link to), they would represent the game using not an official image of Faith, but the fan-altered image I talked about in an earlier post, after the game’s producer stated his disgust with the image. This reopened the discussion of the fan image, prompting comments about how MOST ASIAN PEOPLE feel about the image, among other outrageous things. I wish I was kidding.

In conclusion, Joystiq rules and Kotaku drools. And now back to your irregularly scheduled thoughtful commentary.


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