Joystiq Boys' Club Strikes Again

You know, this update wouldn’t have been necessary if they had at least one woman on staff.

The apology is cute. I didn’t find the glaring omission offensive, I was just really goddamn annoyed at being an afterthought yet again. It’s little things like these that are so revealing, reminding everyone that in video game land, it’s nothing but a boys’ club, no girls allowed.

(ETA: Since the first update has been deleted, I’ll clarify what happened: the original post contained a gallery of screenshots and a plain list of “all” the items in the Avatar Marketplace, but it wasn’t actually all the items, just the male ones. Later on in the day the post was updated to say that they were working on getting pictures of the female items, saying that they were sorry “for offending any female Avatars.” Some time this evening the post was updated with the pictures and the current update notice.)


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