Joystiq Donates EA Cash to The White House Project

If Joystiq and I had a Facebook relationship, the status would be “it’s complicated.” I totally adore the podcast, but the site itself is often troublesome, having incited anti-feminist trolling in the past and having unmoderated comments that are a total cesspool of misogyny and general hatred, among other things. There have been incidents where I’ve sworn off the site all together, only to begrudgingly pop in the next day ’cause I need my game nooz and it’s this or… that other gaming blog.

But then, once in a while, they go and do something totally awesome.

So today, my hat is off to you, Joystiq!


1 thought on “Joystiq Donates EA Cash to The White House Project

  1. I’ll vote for halfway awesome on that one. It’s great that they gave the money to The White House Project; but the vast majority of the post is taken up with pictures of the stuff EA sent. So it looks like most of the post is giving EA more than $200 worth of advertising space for their check. I’d be more impressed if they’d just put up a brief post with no pictures and no back story about EA’s marketing stunts.

    Still, glad they put the check to good use…

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