OTAKON OR BUST: Days 1 and 2


So, Otakon. It’s the biggest convention I go to all year, and this will be my third year attending. I have done two cosplays each year; the first year was Temari’s second outfit (from Naruto, naturally), and Shiki from The World Ends With You (the Nintendo DS game). The second year was Nausicaa, from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, and Red from Dragon Quest VIII.

My thing with cosplay is that I have to really like the character, or I won’t be motivated and the costume won’t come out well. Out of my costumes so far, only Red’s was a kind of unhappy with (though this dissatisfaction stemmed mostly from the hair, which was impossible to replicate with the supplies I had. I need to learn hair skillz!). For some reason, after last year I was unmotivated to cosplay in general, but now that I’ve started my costume for Otakon 2010, I am back in the game.

A friend recently started playing Final Fantasy X-2, which reminded me of how much I liked the game, especially all the neat outfits Yuna, Rikku, and Paine fought in. So after much deliberation, I decided to cosplay Trainer Yuna. It’s a colorful outfit that will be challenging to make but will be really eye-catching when it’s done. Over the next month I’ll be chronicling the process of making the costume. What follows are the first two days’ work of creating the costume.

If you forget what Trainer Yuna looks like, here’s a picture.

On Day 1, I started out making the blue and yellow ribbon harness thing because I already had an idea of how I was going to make it.

— 7/8″ Light blue grosgrain ribbon
— 7/8″ Yellow grosgrain ribbon
— 3/8″ Black satin ribbon
— Elastic
— a black Sharpie

I started by making an elastic ring to go around my ribcage and secure all the ribbons and the bit of yellow ribbon that goes around the neck (it closes with a hook-and-eye in the back) and went from there, piece by piece. I measured the length of ribbon for each piece, then cut it and sewed the black ribbon to the center of it (as necessary). Then, with the harness on, I pinned on the new piece as needed, removed the harness, and sewed the pieces together. I did my best to keep the sewing to the black areas, since I was using black thread and didn’t feel like spooling up yellow and periwinkle threads. I had to have some assistance pinning the back piece, but otherwise it was fairly easy. This harness will go on underneath the corset.

A harness made of yellow and periwinkle ribbons and a ring of elastic.

Once it’s on, it doesn’t look like such a mess, trust me!

Also on Day 1, I started making Yuna’s hairtail, but I will talk about that once it’s finished.

Day 2 was almost completely spent cutting out pattern pieces and fabric for the corset part of the costume.

— Butterick B5492 pattern.
— Maroon/red-brown microsuede.
— Beige fake suede.
— Cotton duck for interfacing.

I cut out the four corset pattern pieces in a size 12, with a slight modification: for the center front pieces (I cut two of them with added seam allowance, instead of cutting on the fold–this is for the lacing), but out of the beige fabric, I added a square of fabric on the bottom half. This will become the curved decoration in the front of the bodice.

The modified pattern piece cut out of beige fabric.

The rest I cut out normally, out of the maroon suede. Then I cut out every piece again in cotton duck (a thick, canvas-like fabric I had around from past cosplays) to use as interfacing. I had used an even thicker canvas for interfacing on a previous corset I’d made, which was a complete pain in the ass, but it came out pretty well. My concern was that the boning (strips of plastic sewn in that give shape to corsets and other garments) would be seen through the fabric, which I don’t want. My other concern was that the beige fabric would not be as stiff as the suede and it would not hold up.

The front side piece interfacing, fabric, and pattern.

So, I sewed the interfacing to the pieces of fabric, making sure to sew close to the edge, within the seam allowance, so that the stitches won’t show on the final piece.

The last thing I did on day 2 was sew the two center back pieces to the two side back pieces.

Back pieces for each side sewn together.

And that was it! I hate cutting, it takes so long and is so tedious, so I was glad I got it done in one day. Well except for the lining, ack!


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