On Day 3 I did exactly one thing: put a lapped zipper in the back pieces of the corset.

A lapped zipper is like the zipper on your jeans, it’s hidden by a flap. I found this video tutorial that is pretty clear and uses only normal 5/8″ seam allowances (as opposed to creating an extra piece to cover the zipper or whatever) to create the lap. It took a bit of time and was difficult, but it came out looking pretty great.

— lightweight separating zipper
— maroon thread
— seam ripper (AS ALWAYS!)

I picked out a beige separating zipper only because they didn’t have the kind I needed in dark red/maroon. I had a maroon invisible zipper (and even picked up an invisible zipper foot!), but the pattern called for a separating one, which will make it easier to get the thing on and off anyway.

Here’s the result of following the tutorial:

The four back pieces joined in the center by a lapped zipper.

Nice, right? You can barely even see it!

A close-up of the lapped zipper, my hand holds back the flap so the zipper can be seen.

Oh wait, there it is! Stupid beige. Oh, well, I’m glad it isn’t so visible normally. I was concerned about folding the fabric + the interfacing over like that (and it was harder to sew than it could have been because of the cotton duck crap), but I think the thickness makes the flap sturdier and covers the zipper better.

The inside of the back of the corset, with brown interfacing and zipper visible.

This is the inside (thanks, flash, for making my crappy seams invisible! Haha!). Since I can’t iron suede, I used my handy wallpaper roller to press the seams down a bit. It doesn’t work all that well. Anyway, as you can see, the zipper is not quite long enough (I am still debating whether to use bias tape for the edges or just sew the lining on normally… this would take 5/8″ off top and bottom), so I think there will be more hook-and-eyes in my future.


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