OTAKON OR BUST: Days 4, 5, 6


Okay, I’m condensing a few days into one post because it is ALL about the stupid bodice. And it’s not even finished yet! AAAAH!

My next step, after putting in the zipper as described in the last post, was to sew the front pieces together. This was a bit tricky because of the cutout thing. I drew the shape of the cutout on the interfacing of the dark red front piece, cut out the interfacing along that line, and cut out the suede about an inch longer, so I could fold it over:

Then I sewed that piece to the center front piece (in beige), stopped when the cutout started, then turned it rightsides out, pinned, and topstitched everything. Simple!

Then I sewed the front pieces to the back pieces. The last thing I did was to approximate how much seam allowance I would have in the front, and baste stitch that hem down. I ended up with this:

On Day 5 I just cut out the lining pieces. I’m using a beige linen I had lying around (I was going to make pants but never got around to it…) for the lining. I didn’t make any changes to the pattern this time, except to cut out the center front piece as two pieces and add seam allowance, again. Day 6, I sewed the four pieces on each side together, then cut and sewed the boning in place:

In case you don’t know, boning is the strips of plastic or metal that are sewn in a corset or other (usually strapless) garment to give it structure. Mine are plastic with a fabric casing, so I just sewed them directly on the seams of the wrong side of the lining.

Then I sewed the lining to the shell, right sides together, leaving the short sides open. Turned the thing inside out and topstitched again. Whee topstitching!

That did a lot to pull the thing back into the proper shape. Lastly, I folded the lining in on the zipper ends and sewed it down behind the zipper. It ended up looking like this (aka, crappy, because the lining was longer than the outside so I had to take up the slack somewhere):

And that’s all. It’s looking pretty good, actually. All that’s left is to do the center front hem and eyelets and lacing. Then I can FINALLY move on to other pieces of the costume! Hopefully this thing will be finished in time, jeez.


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