OTAKON OR BUST: Days 7 & 8



Okay, so. I finally finished the bodice. The next step after topstitching all the way around was to create TWENTY-TWO small semi-circles out of white fabric. I used a white linen I had lying around (I was going to use it as fake bandages for reconning a Left 4 Dead shirt, which I never got around to). I cut out small squares and folded over the sides to create one rounded side and one flat side, then topstitched.

Obviously I got better as I went along…

I made 22 of them. Eleven for each side of the front of the bodice. Then I sewed each one of them on with a zig-zag stitch.

After that, I sewed small circles using a tight zig-zag stitch on each one. I punched holes through them to create the eyelets. I was originally going to use a setting on my machine that would make such a circle automatically, but when I tried on the bodice it created a spiral instead of a circle somehow. So I had to make them manually.

Then I used a small crochet hook to pull my cording through the holes and lace up the corset (leaving the bottom two holes unlaced). Almost done!!

To finish off the edges, I hand-sewed the corners of the lapped zipper flap down. Lastly, I made two more yellow ribbons with a smaller black ribbon sewn on (like for the harness). These I hemmed at each end and sewed on the top back of the bodice. I then sewed two pairs of hook-and-eyes in the center back above the zipper. This makes each ribbon half look like one long ribbon, and helps hold the zipper flap flat over the zipper.

Then the bodice was FINALLY DONE!!! *confetti*

Next post: sleeves and hair tail!


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