Ready for Otakon!

Okay folks. I’m leaving for Otakon 2010 in about 36 hours, and thankfully my costume is finished. It took several days to do everything else, but I was working so hard I didn’t have time to write about it. So here goes!


I measured the length I wanted the sleeves to be, the circumference of my upper arm, and the circumference I wanted the cuff to be, divided the circumferences by 4, and cut out two triangle-ish pieces of the red suede, and four rectangles of the beige fabric. Then I sewed them together!

Repeat for the other sleeve. I cut four rectangles of the beige to get that seam in the middle you can see in the art. I sewed it into an actual sleeve, cut a diagonal line at the upper arm end, and hemmed the edges. Then I added white rectangles to the red part of the cuff of the sleeves, like it is in the concept art.

Lastly, I sewed dark red ribbon to the beige parts in zig-zags. This was difficult, and I really should have done it before I closed the sleeve, at least. But I thought I was going to do it a different way, but that way didn’t work out, so I was left doing it this way. It came out all right though. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture.

Once they were all done, I pinned and sewed them to the arm straps of the ribbon harness from Day 1!


This skirt was ridiculous. I used red bottomweight twill for the bottom, a blue light jersey knit for the bustle-thing, quilting cotton for the stripes on the front, kids craft foam for the buckles, and wide ribbon for the… ribbon. And brown apparel fake-suede for the side patches.

First I cut out a front and back for a high-waisted (because the bottom two eyelets of the corset aren’t laced), floor-length skirt out of the red twill. I sewed a wide stripe of yellow and a thinner stripe of light blue fabric to the front of the skirt:

Then I sewed the front and back together (except for a small section at the top on one side), hemmed the top and bottom, and added velcro to one side so I can get in and out of the thing.

The next step was to take a very long piece of the blue jersey knit and gather the sides and middle using elastic. Gathering using elastic is done by sewing a piece of elastic to fabric, stretching the elastic as you go. When you let go of the elastic, the fabric gathers because the elastic goes back to its relaxed length. The fabric came out like so:

One thing I did was not make it wide enough. I sewed it on to the red skirt at the top and sides, having to stretch it a bit to make it all the way around where it needed to go. There was some extra on the bottom, so I trimmed it. Since the blue part went almost completely around my waist, I had to add more velcro to one side to fasten it on. Then I cut out two rounded oval pieces of the brown fake suede and sewed them to the sides of the blue part of the skirt.

Next, I cut out 10 buckles out of the craft foam:

And sewed them on:

This was also difficult because the fabric would move through the feed faster than the foam, causing the fabric to bunch up if I wasn’t careful. Perhaps I should have used my leather-sewing foot.

Lastly, I put the ribbon through the buckles. I anchored the ribbon using stitching near each buckle and in the middle where the ribbons cross. In this picture, you can see that the ribbon on the top four buckles is stitched down, and the ribbon on the bottom six are pinned, ready to be sewn:

If I did it over again, I would use 2.25″ ribbon instead of 2.5″ (or trimmed the ribbon a bit). I wanted it to fill out the buckles, but it’s so wide it’s hard to see the criss-crosses.

The skirt is done!


Yuna’s hairtail was a bit tricky for me. I ended up using a rather thick kids’ jump rope folded over and twisted then wrapped in wide, red satin ribbon. I attached two stretchy headbands to the top using thin ribbon tied through the loop in the jump rope. I bought a hair extension from the drug store, tied and glued it to the end of the jump rope, then wrapped a rectangular piece of fabric around it and tied it with a ribbon. Voila, hairtail!

Since I’m wearing a wig, the headbands will help keep my hair underneath the wig.


I borrowed them from my sister, lol.


This one was also tricky. I used a couple of wooden beads, the cardboard tube from a hanger (thanks, person on the boards!), and some embroidery floss. I painted the beads:

Making my Yuna earring! on Twitpic

After they dried, I strung them to the embroidery floss. I created a tassel out of a loop of embroidery floss, tied it to the bottom thread of the earring, and glued it to the bottom bead for security. Then, since I don’t have pierced ears, I tied the earring to my wig behind my ear, at the right length so it looks like it’s hanging from my ear. Earring before I tied it on:

Almost finished earring! Just need to attach to clip on earring on Twitpic

I think that’s it. Here’s a backyard pic of the entire thing. I pulled the hairtail in front just so it can be seen in the picture, obviously it will hang down the back generally. Since the skirt covers my feet I’m just wearing flip-flops. You can’t see the draping in this pic D: Oh well.

Trainer Yuna cosplay. Doneski. #otakon here I come! on Twitpic

That’s it for now. More photos next week! =D


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