Gwen Thackeray Cosplay: Skirt

My next cosplay project is Gwen Thackeray from Guild Wars. As soon as I saw the character design for Gwen, I was smitten. And now that I have actually played some of Eye of the North, I know that Gwen doesn’t just have an awesome outfit, she’s an awesome character, too. And so: cosplay!

The outfit consists of a top, a skirt, an underbust corset, a choker, tights, boots, and gloves. (I also need a wig.) The first piece I made was the skirt. Many, many pictures after the cut!

The materials I used to make this skirt were: about three yards of inexpensive green cotton quilting fabric, medium weight fusible interfacing, a yard or so of unbleached muslin to make the pattern, and a bit of velcro.

First, I drew a pattern for the skirt side panels on a piece of muslin and cut it out, adding 5/8ths inch seam allowance. I also drew lines dividing the panel into thirds. For the top side, I decided to make the panel in three pieces and sew them together to get the seam detail you can see in screenshots.

I cut out two trapezoidal pieces out of the green fabric for the inner layer of the side panels.

Next I cut the muslin pattern into thirds and cut out two of each, adding seam allowance to the inside edges like so:

So that the pieces can be sewn together without losing width, creating the trapezoid shape, as seen here:

I then attached iron-on interfacing to the outer pieces, so that they maintain their shape, cutting off the seam allowance:

I then sewed the upper piece with the interfacing to the inner lining piece (that doesn’t have the seams) right sides together, leaving the top unsewn. I clipped the corners so they would be nice and sharp once I turned the thing rightside-out.

After turning it rightside-out, poking out the corners, and ironing, I topstitched the piece to make it nice and neat, and repeated for the other panel.

Here the two finished pieces are pinned to my dress form:

For the next part, I took a ~14″ by ~2 yards piece of green fabric, ironed it, and hemmed one of the raw edges. Then I made some 2″ pleats in the entire length of the fabric. This is probably not the right way to make pleats, but this is what I did: I took a big ruler and made little marks at the top edge of the strip, 1″ apart. I used those marks as a guide to fold over the pleats, using the ruler to make sure they were straight, and pinned them down. I continued until the entire strip was pleated.

I repeated with another big strip of green fabric, then awkwardly sewed them together at one edge. To give you an idea of where I’m going with this, I’m basically making a sort of wrap skirt. Next, I cut a long strip of green fabric, folded it in half, and sewed it to the raw edge of the pleated fabric to make a waistband. The strip I cut actually ended up a few inches too short, so I had to cut off a pleat on each end. Also, I sewed the waistband at the edge for the back part of the skirt, but took the skirt up in the front because I was worried about the skirt being too long in the front. I think it’s still too long and may have to take it up some more, but we’ll see.

This is what the skirt looked like on the dress form without the side panels and with the baste stitch still in (to keep the shape of the pleats):

It’s all poofy because the pleats can’t fan out because of the baste stitch.

I took a dart in the left side so that the waistband would fit my waist more naturally. It still gapes a bit in the back, but that will be covered up by the corset. The last things I had to do were sew the trapezoid panels onto the sides, sew velcro onto the ends of the wrap skirt at the right side, and take out the baste stitch on the pleats. Here’s what the finished skirt looks like:

I am pretty excited with how it came out! The next thing I’m working on is the underbust corset.


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