Tallis Amigurumi Doll

I made a Tallis amigurumi doll for the Dragon Age Mark of the Assassin Fanart Contest. Amigurumi is a type of crochet that is used to create plushie animals and dolls. I’ve never tried amigurumi before so I’m really excited about how this came out!

Lots of photos behind the cut. Just in case embedding doesn’t work, here is a public link to the Facebook album.

MANY more photos after the cut!

What I love about Tallis’s design is the Qunari symbol is incorporated into every piece. There are diamond shapes everywhere: her belt, her necklace, her boots, but also the lacing on her gloves and bodice make diamonds, as does the hashing on her bodice and even the designs on the bust make a diamond shape. The overlapping lines within the Qunari symbol also recur throughout, on her shoulder armor, the back of the bodice, and her leg and wrist armor. I love the repeating patterns, it gives the whole design a cohesive look. But anyway… finished doll photos!

Close-up of the hand-stitching on the hood. A LOT of her clothes were hand-sewn because they are too small to use the sewing machine.

The boots are made out of faux suede and faux leather. I tried several different patterns before finally settling on this one. Two circles and two rectangles: one rectangle goes around the foot and the other around the leg. One of the circles has a circle cut into it that has a circumference the length of the leg-rectangle. I sewed it all together, leaving the back seam open so I could put the boots on. I painted the dots on the faux leather with gray fabric paint, then hand-sewed them on the boots, and glued the diamonds on top. Then I put the boots on and hand-sewed the back seam shut.

Those are the finished pics. Now for some progress pics!

This is the amigurumi doll without any clothes or hair. I found a pattern online and followed it, changing colors to brown or black for her gloves and pants (I figured that would be easier than making skin-tight clothes for a tiny doll!).

Putting hair on the doll. I put hairs in every other row up to the crown, but above that I put hair on every stitch. That is a lot of hair.


All the yarn that I cut off while styling Tallis’s hair.

Tallis’s hood before I hand-sewed it to her bodice. It’s lined and the white stitching is all done by hand!

Final hair! Also, ears. The pattern I had included cat ears but not elf ears, so I had to modify the pattern to make them the right size and shape.

After putting the hair on Tallis, her head was very heavy (even after the trim!) and it flopped around on her tiny neck. I didn’t like it, but I wasn’t sure what to do about it. So I googled around about putting wire in amigurumi and found a post suggesting using plastic-coated gardening wire. Perfect! I picked up some of that, took Tallis’s head off, and stuck in a piece of wire that was half in her body and half in her head, then reattached her head (which was tricky now that she had a hood and hair). I’m really glad I did because now her head doesn’t flop around. But I just had to take this picture because it was funny/horrifying.

See! No more flopping!

Cute lil’ ears.

Comparing doll to reference pics!

Spoilers, but the big twist in Dragon Age: Redemption is that Tallis hijacks the TARDIS and uses it to convert everyone in the universe to the Qun. It gets kind of dark!

More pics on the above-linked Facebook album, but those are the most interesting ones. Thanks for looking!


6 thoughts on “Tallis Amigurumi Doll

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  2. Oh my gosh — I totally LOVE this doll! I’ve been wanting to try something crafty with yarn but I wasn’t sure I had the patience to learn. Seeing your doll sure makes me want to try, though! 🙂 Awesome work. Thanks for sharing!

  3. thanks for showing the picture of how you put the gardening wire inside. super helpful! definitely going to try this!

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