Running Games on a Mac

I have one home computer: a white plastic 13″ MacBook from 2007. My hard drive died a couple weeks ago, and with it, my Windows partition and my ability to play any of my Steam or games. Fortunately, there’s a Mac Steam client now, and a bunch of games will run on DOSBox, for which there is a Mac version, so it’s not a complete loss.

The trouble with games is that you don’t download the game files directly. Instead, you download an .exe that then extracts the game files. And of course, Macs can’t run Windows executables. This is what hung me up for several hours the other night as I tried to get Gabriel Knight running on my old MacBook. Having come across a lot of outdated or too complicated guides for getting games running on my MacBook, I thought I would compile my research findings here for less technical people who may be in the same boat as me. Which is probably no one, let’s face it, but at least I will have this for future reference.

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