Gwen Thackeray Cosplay: Corset

For Gwen’s corset, I used about half of a yard of dark brown polyurethane faux leather and eight 5/8″ bridle buckles. I also used about a yard of muslin to draft the pattern.

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Gwen Thackeray Cosplay: Skirt

My next cosplay project is Gwen Thackeray from Guild Wars. As soon as I saw the character design for Gwen, I was smitten. And now that I have actually played some of Eye of the North, I know that Gwen doesn’t just have an awesome outfit, she’s an awesome character, too. And so: cosplay!

The outfit consists of a top, a skirt, an underbust corset, a choker, tights, boots, and gloves. (I also need a wig.) The first piece I made was the skirt. Many, many pictures after the cut!

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